Methods To Watch Movies On Mobile Phones

Smartphones are taking the World by storm and we all welcome each of their new entry into the digital world. We all love to use a smartphone which offers a set of advanced features to explore a whole new world right within our hands. Yes, you don’t need to search for anything as soon as you use a smartphone. You can explore pretty much everything by using a smartphone and that is how you can make use of it. But what if you want to watch your favorite movie? Well, there are many best free movie apps which allow you to watch and stream popular Hollywood Movies to watch for free on a smartphone. Know how you can watch Movies on Mobile Phones from here.

Since there are many ways to watch Movies on Mobile Phones, we will be guiding you with the most easiest way. ShowBox is the app which you can use to watch movies on mobile phones. If you are using a smartphone, you might probably be aware about this app. Using the ShowBox app is pretty simple and anyone can easily start surfing a whole new world of entertainment right on your smartphone. ShowBox for Android is available for free. If you are using an iOS device, you need to go for the Movie Box app which serves the same User Interface like the popular, ShowBox app.

Features of the ShowBox app for Android and iOS

  • Simple and easy to use app designed for everyone
  • Free to use app compatible with all types of Android and iOS devices
  • No registrations needed in order to use this app
  • No signup or log in details required to use the app
  • Works with a high-speed Internet connection
  • Search for your favorite Hollywood Movies, TV Shows and other popular videos on the go
  • Different categories to explore the required items
  • Users are allowed to download their favorite Hollywood movies within the app and much more

These were all the features which makes the ShowBox app this much popular. Download ShowBox app for Android and Movie Box App for iOS from their respective links easily. You’ll be guided through proper steps to install it on respective devices from the given links.

How to Watch Movies on Mobile Phones

Step 1 :

First, you need to install ShowBox/ Movie Box app on a respective Android or iOS devices from the mentioned links.

Step 2 :

Once the app is installed, kindly launch it by selecting its icon from the Apps menu.

Step 3 :

On the front page, you will see a number of options of the popular Hollywood movies with their respective posters. You just need to select the poster of the desired movie from here.

Step 4 :

In order to search for your favorite movie, just select the Search option and type in the name of your movie. Once done, select the Enter button.

Step 5 :

You will be presented with a poster of that movie, select it out from here. Hit the Watch Now button and the movie will start streaming itself on a smartphone!

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