What Can Be Done To Promote Afforestation

Afforestation is capable of slowing down soil erosion as well as desertification. Green zones and forested areas are necessary since trees consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen that we need. Afforestation can be best achieved in the desert or used to claim abandoned lands that were once fertile.

Measures to promote Afforestation

1. Regulation on the cutting of trees

The main reason for the increased deforestation is the industrial demand of trees. Although trees are perennial resource, large-scale exploitation can lead to the impossible revival. Regulated cutting and use of the rotational system can result in good timber crop harvesting without depleting the forest.

2. Controlling forest fires

Forest fires may start by natural means, although in most cases it’s by man either intentionally or non-intentionally. To save our forest, more advanced techniques of fire detection, an extinguishing must be adopted.

3. Increasing the percentage of land area under afforestation

Neglected areas that were previously used in farming should be used for tree growth. It will result in a qualitative use of abandoned soils thus a diversified afforestation.

4. Training the public on the importance of tree planting

Many people tend to assume afforestation due to their ignorance. Increased public awareness will lead to the development of green cities as well as develop an alternative to deforestation. Afforestation should be matured in kids so that the culture is passed on to the next generation.

5. Government involvement in afforestation

Although most governments of every country are particular on forest conservation, they are not implemented effectively. They should develop rules regulation with a strict follow-up like surveys on agroforestry resources, control the commercial use of forest and allocation of proper land for afforestation.

In summary, afforesting can be achieved by collective efforts of the government, nongovernmental organizations as well as the public. It is among the positive efforts to curb the destruction and over-use of natural forest. With a proper planning of appropriate sites afforestation can be commercially viable solution of balancing the nature

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