Tips to Extend Your WiFi Router Range and Improve Reception

Tips to Extend Your WiFi Router Range and Improve Reception


WiFi signals produced by your Router has its own limitations. The biggest of them all being Range. This is because these signals are affected by various kinds of interference leading to dead zones, network latency and an overall reception that is pathetic. Apart from interference, WiFi signals lose strength with increase in distance. The distance problem is evident even in other forms of transmission as well.

If you are reading this, you are probably frustrated by the fact that you always need to go closer to your WiFi Router to experience a decent connection. Why not connect from anywhere in your house. All this boils down to the fact that signals from your WiFi Router can’t reach your device. At times your device may be connected but you can barely notice any traffic.

In this article, we have compiled some ingenious perks you can perform to extend your WiFi Router Range and improve reception. Let’s get right into it.

1. Place your Router at a strategic position

Placing your Router at a corner or at the far end of your house would not be a good idea. Neither is placing it somewhere near the ground. It would be logical to have the Router centrally placed and at an elevated position in your premise. Centrally placing the Router means that every spot will be at better proximity with the Router. An elevated position will be ideal since tall appliances and furniture won’t be in the way of the signal anymore.  Also, try as much as possible to place your Router away from electronic equipment that uses or emit radio waves. These equipment cause a lot of interference which weakens the signal.

2. Integrate a WiFi Extender

A WiFi Extender may also be termed as a Repeater or Range Extender. This is basically a device that you add to your existing WiFi network. What this device does is that it connects to your Router’s WiFi, amplifies it and then rebroadcasts that signal. This means it becomes an Access Point as well. It forwards data it receives from both the Router and end devices. The idea here is placing the device at an effective distance with the Router. A distance where it can maintain a steady connection with the Router while considerably improving the Range. Not too close and not too far from the Router.

It is prudent to note that after you integrate the Range Extender, you will have two different signals. One from your Router and the other from the Range Extender. Remember to manually switch between these two networks when you move closer to one of these devices. The new network will be weaker than the primary network. NETGEAR N300 and TP-LINK RE450 are examples of good Range Extenders in the market.

3. Update Router Firmware

Making sure your router firmware is up to date is important in keeping its performance at optimum. The manufacturer of your Router mostly does upgrades to fix bugs and security vulnerabilities. But it can also be done to integrate a new feature or technology such as IPV6. Some of these enhancements are geared towards increased performance in terms of speed and Range.

Just in case your Router does not update its firmware automatically, you can visit the manufacturer’s website for your model and check for instructions on how to do it manually.

4. Switch to a Mesh Network

A Mesh Network is the best solution we recommend. Mesh Networks consist of various Routers (known as nodes) interconnected to each other. Each node performs the functionality of a Router while still connecting to other nodes around it. Mesh Networks come equipped with various intelligent capabilities which makes its performance very efficient. Only one node is connected to your ISP but surprisingly the rest of the nodes don’t experience significant performance lag.

You can spread these nodes equally across your house and your device will switch between signals automatically depending on which node you are closer to. In case you consider switching to a Mesh Network, check recommendations here. A Mesh Network is meant to replace your existing Router but is worth it.

5. Connect another Router to your existing Router

This solution is almost similar to the one of using Range Extenders. In this case, we introduce another Router which gets connected to the existing Router via an Ethernet cable. You can then take the new Router upstairs or to where the signal is weak. You will have to tweak a few IP configurations here and there to set it up but it’s not too complicated.

6. Replace antenna

Manufacturers install a small antenna for design and portability purposes. There are larger and more powerful third party antenna that you can fix to your Router. This solution may not be suited for everyone since some Router models come with the fixed antenna so don’t try to pull it out in that case.


If for one reason or another none of the tips above have helped increase your WiFi Router Range, the underlying problem may be the device you are using to connect with. If it’s your computer just upgrade the network card to a better one or use an external adapter. In the case of a mobile phone, you would want to buy a more recent one. It may even be your ISP throttling your connection to give you an impression that your signal is weak.

5 Signs You Need A Water Softener

5 Signs You Need A Water Softener

Most of us use water filter systems nowadays or are in the least acquainted with why we may desire a water filtration system to get rid of waste from the water we drink. The simple truth is that practically 80% of homes in America are serviced by hard drinking water, which can damage belongings, fittings, and even your hair… but most of us don’t even realize what’s happening.

A water softener can be used to soften drinking water. What which means is the fact it takes away the chemical type elements; generally ions that make drinking water become hard. Normal water becomes hard when there may be too much calcium mineral and magnesium in it. The calcium mineral and magnesium ions can cause drinking water hardening which can result in many homes and plumbing related problems.

So have you any idea if you have a hard water problem? What exactly are the signals that you do need a water softener?

Cleaning soap scum (diamond ring) around your tub – Regardless of how hard you scrub that tub, that unsightly band doesn’t disappear completely, right? Don’t stress, it’s not dirt and grime, by itself – or its clean dirt and grime, at least. Hard drinking water causes the cleaning soap you utilize to precipitate from the drinking water, so you’re still is left with a scum residue that is clearly a mixture of cleaning soap and dirt around your tub where the surface of this usually sits.

Just can’t seem to be to build up a lather – Do you are feeling like you’re using a lot of cleaning soap for bathing, dishwashing? Is your nice hair getting worn out because you keep throwing increasingly more shampoo to build up lather? They are signals of hard normal water. High degrees of calcium mineral and magnesium ions in the hard drinking water prevent the cleaning soap from lathering properly, creating you to put in the more cleaning soap in response.

Stain on clothing after laundering – You move your laundry from the washer, fully wanting an excellent, batch of clean clothes instead you get a streaked clutter instead. Hard normal water can really do a number on your clothing. It could lead to an overall dinginess, graying, or yellowing, a stiff feel to the textile, or even gray streaks on your colored materials. If you start seeing peculiar discolorations such as this on your clothes, from the good sign that you have hard water.

Spotting on your glasses – Same applies to your glasses, flatware, and dishes. If you have begun seeing peculiar spotting, streaks, and discolorations on everything that moves through your dishwasher, that is clearly a signal of hard drinking water. Crystal is especially prone and coarse yellowish circles can build-up on your very best glassware over time.

“Scales” on your accessories – When you have hard normal water, you will commence to see scaling on the accessories on your kitchen sink and even on your pipes. This sort of buildup can damage your complete system, reducing circulation time in your drinking water and even harm your boiler performance.

If you’re experiencing any or many of these signs in your house, you may desire a Fleck Water Softener. Consider looking at water softener options as a solution – it’ll protect your stuff as well as your home over time.

What Can Be Done to Promote Afforestation

What Can Be Done to Promote Afforestation

Afforestation is capable of slowing down soil erosion as well as desertification. Green zones and forested areas are necessary since trees consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen that we need. Afforestation can be best achieved in the desert or used to claim abandoned lands that were once fertile.

Measures to promote Afforestation

1. Regulation on cutting of trees

The main reason for the increased deforestation is the industrial demand of trees. Although trees are perennial resource, large-scale exploitation can lead to the impossible revival. Regulated cutting and use of the rotational system can result to good timber crop harvesting without depleting the forest.

2. Controlling forest fires

Forest fires may start by natural means, although in most cases it’s by man either intentionally or non-intentionally. To save our forest, more advanced techniques of fire detection, an extinguishing must be adopted.

3. Increasing the percentage land area under afforestation

Neglected areas that were previously used in farming should be used for tree growth. It will result in a qualitative use of abandoned soils thus a diversified afforestation.

4. Training the public on importance of tree planting

Many people tend to assume afforestation due to their ignorance. Increased public awareness will lead to the development of green cities as well as develop an alternative to deforestation. Afforestation should be matured in kids so that the culture is passed on to the next generation.

5. Government involvement in afforestation

Although most governments of every country are particular on forest conservation, they are not implemented effectively. They should develop rules regulation with a strict follow-up like surveys on agroforestry resources, control the commercial use of forest and allocation of proper land for afforestation.

In summary, afforesting can be achieved by collective efforts of the government, nongovernmental organizations as well as the public. It is among the positive efforts to curb the destruction and over-use of natural forest. With a proper planning of appropriate sites afforestation can be commercially viable solution of balancing the nature

Methods To Watch Movies on Mobile Phones

Methods To Watch Movies on Mobile Phones

Smartphones are taking the World by storm and we all welcome each of their new entry into the digital world. We all love to use a smartphone which offers a set of advance features to explore a whole new world right within our hands. Yes, you don’t need to search for anything as soon as you use a smartphone. You can explore pretty much everything by using a smartphone and that is how you can make use of it. But what if you want to watch your favorite movie? Well, there are many apps which allow you to watch and stream popular Hollywood Movies to watch for free on a smartphone. Know how you can watch Movies on Mobile Phones from here.

Since there are many ways to watch Movies on Mobile Phones, we will be guiding you with the most easiest way. ShowBox is the app which you can use to watch movies on mobile phones. If you are using a smartphone, you might probably aware about this app. Using the ShowBox app is pretty simple and anyone can easily start surfing a whole new world of entertainment right on your smartphone. ShowBox for Android is available for free. If you are using an iOS device, you need to go for the Movie Box app which serves the same User Interface like the popular, ShowBox app.

Features of the ShowBox app for Android and iOS

  • Simple and easy to use app designed for everyone
  • Free to use app compatible with all types of Android and iOS devices
  • No registrations needed in order to use this app
  • No sign up or login details required to use the app
  • Works with high-speed Internet connection
  • Search for your favorite Hollywood Movies, TV Shows and other popular videos on the go
  • Different categories to explore the required items
  • Users are allowed to download their favorite Hollywood movies within the app and much more


These were all the features which makes the ShowBox app this much popular. Download ShowBox app for Android and Movie Box App for iOS from their respective links easily. You’ll be guided through proper steps to install it on respective devices from the given links.

How to watch Movies on Mobile Phones

Step 1 :

First, you need to install ShowBox/ Movie Box app on a respective Android or iOS devices from the mentioned links.

Step 2 :

Once the app is installed, kindly launch it by selecting its icon from the Apps menu.

Step 3 :

On the front page, you will see a number of options of the popular Hollywood movies with their respective posters. You just need to select the poster of the desired movie from here.

Step 4 :

In order to search for your favorite movie, just select the Search option and type in the name of your movie. Once done, select the Enter button.

Step 5 :

You will be presented with a poster of that movie, select it out from here. Hit the Watch Now button and the movie will start streaming itself on a smartphone!